Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vancouver Triple Crown

27 straight days of rain! And we didn't even get the record, it was 28. We had one day of reprieve and then straight back at it. But Friday, another reprieve day.
It started the same as most days, I got on my bike and rode to work. One difference though -- I was dry. I saw that the day,although not sunny, shouldn't be one wasted inside. I left work a bit early and rode home.
I swapped my commuter for my mountain bike and then carried on up the mountain. When I got to the end of the houses and stated in on the fire road I noticed that the rain that had been falling recently was quickly turning into snow. No matter I was out and it was beautiful. 20 minutes into my ride and another 50 m higher there was more snow until about half an hour in and at the top of the Shore's oldest trails I decided that there would be no more ascending. I dropped in and had 15 minutes of fun followed by some cross country riding and then home.

It's the third part of the triple crown that really made me thrilled. I had a quick shower and decided to pick up the kids from daycare. I swapped bikes again in favour of my commuter and then attached the Trail-a-bike for my daughter and then strapped my son's bike to the trail-a-bike. It looked sort of Mad Max like, but none the less did the trick. A couple of km downhill to the daycare. The kids were thrilled to see me. All their friends and teachers watched in awe as we all set out from the daycare back up the hill to home. It was a long way, but the kids were into it. We had to stop for a snack, but we all sat by the edge of a neighbourhood street and ate, talked met other families out walking, making the most of the rain's reprieve.

We got home, everyone was in a great mood, so to finish the day off perfectly we went for the kid's favourite dinner, Sushi.

That's why we live here, I had almost forgotten


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