Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pedal Power

I've been listening to Grant Lawrence's podcast on CBC Radio3 for a couple of years now. It has opened my eyes to some of the great music that is produced in Canada that we never get to listen to on the radio here. I must admit some of the stuff that he plays is hit and miss, but in general the podcasts are well done. I usually listen to the podcast on my way to work (yes I ride with my Ipod). I usually am a couple of weeks behind in my listening. So this week as I rode to work I was pleasantly surprised to find that Grant is a bike commuter as well. In fact podcast #103 May 11, 2007 is dedicated to those of us that ride our bikes. Titled "Pedal Power" Grant focuses the show on bands that ride and songs about riding.

Some of the highlights were MC Abdominal's Pedal Pusher, the fact that Richard Aucoin is touring across Canada on bike to his gigs and of course what bike related play list would be complete without The Bicycles.

Check it out at CBC Radio3 click on Podcasts and the choose podcast 103 -- or you could just subscribe through ITunes.


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