Sunday, January 22, 2006

different bikes

There's a new shop in town, different bikes

Jeff the manager has been around for a while. In fact I was just thinking about the bikes that I have bought since moving to Vancouver. All have been from Jeff.

In the early days when Jeff was with Cove Bikes
I got my Hummer from him in 1997
My commuter, a Kona Dr. Dew, in 2000
My wife's hard tail, a Kona Caldera, in 2000
Our Trail-a-bike once we had kids in 2002

A few years past -- I wasn't mountain biking -- I was rearing children.
We towed them around in our Chariot --what a great device.

Recently, I have found time to once again mountain bike. I found out that Jeff had move to Simon's Bike Shop, so I looked him up.
Now I have a Specialized Enduro
My son got lucky too -- guilt is a many splendored thing -- and is the proud owner of a hotrocks

Now Jeff has his own place.
Good luck Jeff.
It's all about customer service.


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