Friday, March 10, 2006

Rough Week for Cycling

Wow, this has been a bad week for riding.
I generally ride to work Tuesday to Friday, usually regardless of the weather.
There are a couple of weeks a year that I don't ride, usually in late November of December.
The main reason is snow.
Vancouver drivers are notoriously bad in the snow, we rarely see it and when we do we are often "caught off guard"(imagine, Canadians being "caught off guard" when it comes to snow).
When I ride and it is snowing,I generally fear for my life.
As I said this usually happens in November or December.
Well not this year.
Spring was here. Crocuses, daffodils and the heather were all blooming nicely.
The cherry blossoms were out on the trees.
The grass was green.
I rode Tuesday and had a great ride in and home, albeit wet -- it rains here almost constantly. Wednesday I had an early meeting at work, so I got up a bit early to prepare for the ride in. But then I heard a strange noise -- my neighbours shovelling their walk. I looked out the window and sure enough -- SNOW!
Again, I'm not afraid to ride in the snow -- I'm afraid of what others might do to me in the snow.
So I drove to work, thinking tomorrow would be better. Well it is Friday now and I didn't rid yesterday -- snow, and this morning all I see is white outside.

So much for spring.


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