Thursday, March 23, 2006


The other night T and I set about to have some fun. We got out a bunch of toys and started to play.

Then my feet got too hot.

It's those darn Thorlo light hikers.

T picked up the sock and decided it was a puppet.

We decorated the puppet, put on some ear rings, hair clips, necklaces and
Voila, an awesome toy.

We had spent half an hour making this art sock.

Time well spent.

Then I remembered that this wasn't the first time the Thorlo's have been used.

A quick and dirty hobby horse.

It's life was meant to have been short, but he is still kicking 8 months later.

Hours of fun has been had.

Who would have thought kids could have so much fun with socks!

I guess they did Posted by Picasa


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