Tuesday, May 09, 2006

John Henry Days

John Henry Bikes is a LBS that yearly has a weekend event that usually has a big bike expo tied to a giant sale. This year was a bit different, the expo was a bit smaller and there was no dirt jumping competition. Instead they had the Flowriders doing demos on Saturday. It was amazing. I thought I had seen enough of that stuff -- you know young kids flying though the air, defying gravity and the laws of physics -- but this was a bit different. The structures that the Flowriders use are quite spectacular. They are skinny, high and death defying -- in other words a good circus act.

The real reason we went was I had the kids all day Saturday and we had already been to dance class for T and had shopped for birthday presents for the requisite party on the weekend, and for the soccer coaches. We had had lunch and the rain had finally stopped, so we needed to get out. I had seen that JH was having a family scavenger hunt on bikes-- this sounded fun! A was pumped to do some riding and get a prize. T was happy to go along for the ride but prizes made it a bit sweeter.

With the clues in hand we began the quest for all the "treasures" on the list. After we found the first few and had plotted our course we quickly realised that this scavenger hunt was for older kids, not a 3 and a 5 year old. The 4th item required a huge hill ride up. We had already been to the playground, we had seen the horse, we had made friends with a giant dog, yes we could afford to skip a few. Next clue was the skateboard park, A was thrilled, he could do a few laps. Down the river across the bridge and we wrote our team name in the gravel field. By this time T was falling asleep on the Trail-a-bike and A had had enough riding. We had to skip another couple of locations and it was back to JH Bikes where we had to get some autographs and take some more pictures for the Hunt.

Finally with most of the questions answered we handed in our clue sheet to find that we were the only group to complete the hunt. The rain had thwarted all the other groups! We won! Tons of loot, happy kids, tired kids ... Happy Dad! Thanks John Henry. See you again next year.


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