Thursday, April 06, 2006


So I thought I'd go in a few mountain bike races this year. I haven't raced for probably 10 years. I'm a bit worried, needless to say. I'll start with the "loonie" races that are on Wednesday evenings. They are supposed to be a lot of fun and are under an hour long. They have various locations around the Lower Mainland.

I think I'll also try and do the Ripper Series. These are also "fun" races, some aren't even timed. The first of these Rippers is April 29 and can be done as a team or as a solo. The team has one rider that rides up and one that rides down. The ride is up Fromme to the seventh switch back and then down Seventh Secret Trail. In the team event the uphill rider will ride a cross country bike and the downhill rider will likely ride a downhill bike. I have thought about which leg I would be good at. I'm light, I have a light cross country bike, so it would seem that I am destined for the uphill leg. But, on the other hand, I love going down Seventh, I also have the bike for it. Hmm, ok I'll do the solo.
Now back to the bike issue. My cross country bike would be great to ascend with, but I think it would be a lot of work coming down -- in fact I might be scared for my life in the downhill. My "freeride" bike is great coming down --we did the down in 19 minutes last night, but it might be a bit of a bear going up.
I know I won't be the first up and I know I won't be the fastest down so what does it matter which bike I use? Well I think for safety I'll forgo blazing speed up for a safe ride down. Remember it is supposed to be "fun".


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