Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Before my son's fourth birthday we decided to try and get him to ride his bike without training wheels. Aiden was a keen rider, we rode trails with his training wheels on and what messed him up was his training wheels hitting roots, trees and rocks. He used to get so frustrated. He begged us to take them off. I was worried that this would be a step backward for him, but we were surprised and he took off right away. He never looked back.

My daughter is a different story. She has not been as keen as Aiden with cycling. We ride on the trail-a-bike, but she pedals backwards. We go for rides with her on her bike and we end up pushing her. But her cousin had just finished a week with Pedalheads and was training wheel free, and although Tessa wasn't initially keen, we decided sign her up -- she was almost four.

The day before she was to start I decided to look at her bike to make sure the training wheels could come off -- she had a tiny bike that was in rough shape. I noticed that the rear rim moved independently of the hub and realised that this was not a good thing. So I panicked. I went out and bought her a new bike -- typical doting father.

On the first day the instructors at Pedalheads take off the traning wheels, and then they spend the rest of the hour bent over running behind the kids. Better them than me. They are all young and nimble. I watch them and instantly get a sore back. But they percevier. By the end of the first hour Tessa was riding across the field without training wheels, crashing into the fence 200m away, and loving it! By the end of the week she had it! She could ride around in circles, in a staight line and she had good control. The best thing though was she loved it!

Thanks Pedalheads for saving another dad's back

Here's the video:


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