Thursday, February 08, 2007

2007 Race Season

Last year I decided that my kids were old enough that I could get back a small portion of my life. I bought a new mountain bike and decided to get back riding with the "boys" on the weekends. So we rode. Life was good. And then one of my buddies talked me into doing the Test of Metal last year. He told me that there was stiff competition -- to register-- and that I had to register at high noon on the first of January. Well an number of computer glitches, and family commitments conspired against me and I registered a full 7 hours after registration opened. Yes I was 150th on the waiting list. The race had sold out in a record 4 hours and 28 minutes. That's 800 spots! I didn't get confirmation that I was in until a week before the race. That made training tough.

This year is different! At 6:00 on January first I was ready for the toughest part of the Test -- registering. This year not even family disasters, or having my parents in town for the holidays could stop me from registering (although they almost did). Once I got to the registration page a few quick refreshes and some typing, a credit card number and I was in. Just like that. no problem this year, in fact I'm number 12. That's the best showing that I can hope for though. The Test of Metal and this years press release tells a story of another record. This year the test sold out in 48 minutes! What is going on? The race is a grueling 67 km. It's 3 -4 hours people.

The good news is that I'm in, the bad news is I need to start training.

Other races that look interesting this year are the other two races that, with the Test of Metal, make up the Hell of a Series, which are the Rat Race and the Gear Jammer. Depending on family vacation schedules I hope to make both of theses races.

Finally there is the infamous North Shore Ripper Series. Last year James of Obsession Bikes and the NSMBA crew did such a great job to make these fun events that I can't miss them this year.

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