Thursday, October 18, 2007

Richard Juryn

There have been many other tributes to Richard. And to be truthful I didn't really know Richard. I had met him when he ran the North Shore Mountain Bike Festival and Conference and then the following year when the conference turned into the World Mountain Bike Conference and I used to bump into him now and again in the neighbourhood. I was also happy to see him get the reigns of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association this year. Richard was very involved in the mountain bike seen here in Vancouver.

Although I didn't really know Richard I do have memories of him. My best memory of Richard was during the 2005 North Shore Mountain Bike Festival. It was at one of the smaller events -- the kids race. My son was entered, it was his second race ever, the first was in the same event the year before when he was four. But in 2005 the rain was heavy. Spirits were low. Ai, my son, was still keen but I think he was nervous about the weather. I think Richard saw this and came up and started to talk to him about mountain biking. I don't remember the conversation, what I remember was Richard's infectious smile. By the end of the conversation Ai was ready to go and even though he was soaked he had a great time. He still has the medal from that day. I hope he remembers some of Richard's enthusiasm.

That is Richard in the background in the orange jacket. That is my son blue jacket with the strip and the huge smile. Ai still loves mountain biking. We ride all the time together. It is something I hope he and I can do for a long time. I hope it is something that we can do for at long time as a family. I am sorry that Richard and his family won't be able to do that again.

We have lost an enthusiastic advocate for mountain biking in Vancouver. Richard's family has lost a father and a husband.

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