Saturday, March 08, 2008

2008 Ripper Series

Well it seems to be official. The North Shore Ripper series is here again. The NSMBA and James Wilson at Obsession Bikes always do a great job of this fun series of mountain bike events.

Here is this years schedule:

7th Ripper
April 12th 2008
Fromme Mountain

Super DH
May 3rd 2008
Mt Seymour

May 24th 2008
Fromme Mountain

Triple Crown
July 5th 2008
All 3 mountains (Cypress, Fromme, Seymour)

New this year is the Fromme-a-Thon. I think this will be a great addition/replacement for the CBC downhill. I have never found the CBC Ripper to be that satisfying. There is always too much standing around for an 8 minute event. The Fromme-a-Thon sounds like a full day trail riding event. I can hardly wait.

As usual the "Ripper Dads" will be out again this year with a clever twist on the final Triple Crown event.

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