Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rocky Mountain Solo CXD

Well it is cross season, whatever that means. Anyway, we decided we needed another bike in the house. I have been thinking for a while about a more road like commuter bike, my wife wants a bike she can get some exercise on so we opted for a "shared" cyclocross bike. I thought I'd post the photo quickly. I haven't seen anything about this version of the Rocky Mountain Solo CX. In 2007 Rocky Mountain only had the CX and the CXR. The 2007 CX had disk tabs on both ends, but it didn't have disk compatible wheels. I know all you UCI purists will say that "disks aren't legal in cyclocross" and that may be true, but the fact of the matter is that many of these bikes are being used for other things, like commuting. Many of the bike shops around here were building wheelsets for 80-90% of the CX's that were being sold. It makes sense that the 2008 version (pictured) comes with disks stock. Here's a link to a few more snaps of the 2008 CXD

I (we) will give a full review once we've ridden it a bit.

Oh btw, one thing to add to Fatty's justification for a bike , tell your wife "it's for both of us honey" (just kidding E.)

NOTE: I have a recent update to this post here

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some ideas for future posts

Well the summer seemed to get away from me. I had a few weeks away in August and never seemed to get back into the swing of things when I got back. Then there was school starting -- I have 2 kids in school now (well one in kindergarten, so it only sort of counts) and then there was a fairly ill timed "boys" trip. So instead of just starting this whole blog thing up again I thought I'd share some ideas that I want to write about over the next month or so.

1. Riding with kids -- the uphill version
2. Mountain biking with horses in the Chilcotin
3. Bike wines (no not Ice Wines)
4. Choosing a new Commuter/Cross bike (cause I'm doing that now)
5. a real review from the Wet Coast of the Banjo Brothers Commuter pack (It just hasn't rained enough for a full review)

I have to say that now I have been using Google Reader I have been reading a lot more blogs than writing. Something has to change.